Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Paint what you know

Acrylic On Canvas Paper
17 x 12"

Empty Circle
Acrylic On Paper
     The title is something I always consider when thinking of ideas for paintings. My personal situation isn't great right now and I cant see it getting better anytime soon despite my best efforts. It seems that I should have paid more attention to the lessons in 'Of Mice And Men'. I continue to paint regardless however because I know nothing else and because I have plenty of free time it seems. Well at least there is always something to paint.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Back again

     The winter months mean there is not much light and the weather is poor. All this means i have been unable to photograph my latest paintings and i have a healthy pile of them building up. I may attempt over the next few days to scan some of the paintings done on canvas paper but this usually gives me mixed results. So in the meantime heres a woodcut print im working on. I plan to make a whole series on bellydancers and maybe try some landscapes too.