Saturday, 4 October 2014

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
Ink, Acrylic And Watercolour On Paper
23.4 x 16.5"
     Self portraits are something I have avoided in the past. This is partly because I don't really paint people. The other part is that I'm not that fond of myself. Painting for me is an escape from everything, including myself. When I'm working on a piece I'm no longer me but just some entity that is nameless and formless, that only cares about the art. In truth I'm running away from myself through my work.
     However I do need the practice as I have decided to start creating more paintings with people in them. I hope this will add more life to my architectural work and pave the way to more portrait related stuff.
     So here I am in mostly ink form. Now its a close likeness I think but there are lots of things wrong with it and so I must make more and improve. If I had access to models or willing family members I would use them but I don't so I guess I will have to do for now.

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