Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Leopard

The Leopard
Acrylic On Canvas
24 x 30"
     This one was a labour of love. It's the longest I have ever worked on a painting everyday and so I could be nothing but disappointed in the results. It's not a bad painting but when you put so much effort into a piece you expect the result to be epic. So here is a decent example of my current artistic level.
     Of course all creative types feel this way and why should I be any different. We push ourselves constantly and strive for improvement. Sometimes it comes in leaps and other times small steps but we do improve even if we think we don't. I've decided in my next life I will pick an easier thing to do with my life like brain surgery.
      On a side note whilst I was painting this one the outside was redecorated so it looks a little cleaner now and is a slightly different colour. So consider this a document of what was rather than what is. Sounds like art to me.

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