Sunday, 31 August 2014

Duty Of Care

Duty Of Care
Acrylic On Canvas
10 x 14"
      A painting not just about the Nintendo Gamecube controller but also about  our responsibilities. With the controller we act as guardians to the characters we control in videogames. Their fate is in our hands and we are given so much power over an individual.
     Some games make us care about the characters more and we build a relationship with that character. But it is ultimately up to the player to ensure they succeed and in this we become responsible. Through interactive media, stories come alive and we also find our own reasons to take care of the characters. It doesn't matter that its not real as we experience the emotion anyway through either empathy, anger and love.
     This painting is part of a series of works around the theme of videogames and goes alongside 'I Used To Be An Adventurer Like You'. Tomorrow I will post the next in the series and have three paintings as a complete work.

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